Shopfitting Retail Display Systems by Tubal C

We are Tubal C The 5-star Retail Display System of the Future

Tubal C is a versatile, all-purpose display system consisting of a robust steel and plastic framework onto which a wide variety of components such as cupboards, display boards and hanging systems can be simply fitted. Designed and manufactured in South Africa for use by professional interior designers, architects and shopfitters, Tubal C is simple enough for shop-owners and DIYers to install themselves, and is capable of producing an almost infinite variety of design styles.

Tubal C Features


Tubal C’s Plug & Play design means displays can be reconfigured within moments.


The only system to use plastic linkages & interfaces and fully customisable!


Our system is ideal for drywall and partition applications: All weight is carried by the floor!


Less time on site means lower costs thanks to Tubal C’s quick and easy installation.


Lasercut & bent components means almost zero welding!


All Tubal C is 100% recoverable, thus Eco Friendly.

Shopfitting Retail Display Systems by Tubal C


Tubal C is the ideal solution for store rollouts:

  • Standardisation of components means that costs are highly predictable and easily controllable from one store to the next.
  • Components are interchangeable between individual displays and between store locations.
  • Simple installation requires drilling of only 4 bolts per Tubal C Post. This significantly speeds up on-site installations meaning the store opens faster and labour costs are minimised.
  • Simple, tool-free use makes standardised visual merchandising instructions quick and easy to implement across multiple stores at once.
Shopfitting Retail Display Systems by Tubal C


Why you should choose Tubal C for your shop displays

  • Versatile Design Options

    Choose from a variety of accessories and colours to create the perfect look for your store.

  • Tried & Tested System

    Tubal C is well tested, having been developed and refined over 13 years.

  • Tool Free Use

    Tubal C can be reconfigured by anyone, without needing tools or technical knowledge.

  • Highly Cost-Effective

    An integrated, all-purpose system, Tubal C avoids the need for costly custom shopfitting work.

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